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Cosmetic / Smile Designs

Cosmetic / Smile Designs

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry Fullerton

Why Do Teeth Become Discolored?

There are several factors that are involved in teeth stains. Food, drink, and smoking are the most common causes of teeth discoloration. Other reasons for staining may include medications, forgetting to brush, natural aging, or even genetics.

Stain, Stain Go Away!

Bleaching uses a strong oxidizing agent to lighten the teeth and is a relatively conservative and a highly effective way to brighten your smile. M Dental Group offers both in-office and home bleaching treatments. In just 45 minutes at our office, you can have an enhanced and luminous smile. If you prefer whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home, our reusable customized whitening trays are easy to use and achieve the same great results.

Power Whitening Procedure

Power teeth whitening now makes it possible to have a whiter, brighter smile right here in our office. It works by shining a special light onto the teeth after they have been coated with a whitening gel.

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry Fullerton

Porcelain Veneers Orange County

Are you looking to have the irresistible smile of a Hollywood star? Porcelain veneers are a great way to achieve that perfect-looking smile. These thin, laminated porcelain veneers are not only beautiful but also long-lasting. Veneers eliminate tough staining, cover chips or broken teeth, close gaps, and provide an alternative to orthodontics. The cosmetic and smile design dentists at M Dental Group carefully customize the veneers in shade, shape and length in order to complement and enhance your unique appearance.


If you have a slight imperfection in your teeth, improve your smile with cosmetic teeth bonding.

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry Fullerton

What you may not know about your old silver fillings

Want to get rid of the gray metal in your smile? Silver amalgam fillings are not very pleasing to the eye, especially if they are visible when smiling. In fact, there quite a few disadvantages to the amalgam filling: they may be visible, they may corrode, they contain mercury that can leak, they can cause tooth discoloration, imperfect sealing may cause further cavities and they arenon-insulating. However, the greatest disadvantage to amalgam fillings is the wedge effect that it creates which then causes microfractures of the tooth structure.

We can help!

M Dental Group has the latest in tooth-colored composite technology. Composite fillings are a cosmetically appealing and functionally healthier alternative to amalgam fillings. Dr. Kim will perfectly match the shade of the composite and the tooth form to your other natural teeth so the filling becomes virtually unnoticeable.

Restorative Treatment Options

When you have a composite tooth that needs a restoration, we can choose from a range of different types, including fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns.

Alternative Restoration Materials

When your teeth need restoration, we can choose from several different materials, including silver amalgam, composite resin, gold, porcelain, and porcelain fused to metal

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry Fullerton

Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure

Esthetic Crown Lengthening is a procedure for reshaping bone and gum tissue and is a great way to treat teeth when they appear too short, or a gumline is uneven.


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