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$49 New Patient Special Initial Exam and X-rays



Free New Patient Ortho Consultation

(offer valid until: June 30th, 2021)

We provide treatment options from traditional braces to Invisalign aligners

Orthodontic treatment can benefit all ages, from children to adults. While American Association of Orthodontics recommends all children to receive their first orthodontic evaluation by age seven, increasing number of people are now getting braces as adults so they can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic dentistry treatment.
It is exciting time for Orthodontic treatment as there are different types and options to orthodontic treatment from traditional braces to Invisalign aligners. Get your consultation, and find out your Orthodontic treatment needs and options.
Offer limited to new patients.
X-rays are taken during this appointment for accurate orthodontic consultation. The X-rays usage are limited to M Dental Group. Extra cost may occur if a patient decides to take the X-ray image for personal usage or for treatment at other dental office.

$49 New Patient Check Up

(offer valid until: June 31st, 2021)

Includes: Exam and X-rays

American Dental Association recommends to get a routine examination. During the exam, the Dentist (or dental hygienist) will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. This routine visit helps preventing problems or recurrence of infection/disease. For all our new patients, we offer one time special price for initial exam including X-rays.

Call us today, and get your dental check up for $49.

Offer limited to new patients.
X-rays are only for M Dental Group exam purpose. Extra cost may occur if a patient decides to take the X-ray image for personal usage or for treatment at other dental office.

Immediate Denture Voucher for Implant Denture patients

(offer valid until: limited offer. Call for details 714-526-5200)

Implant supported dentures usually invoices series of steps and appointments. Implant dentures is help in place, helping the denture feel more secure and natural. During the implant denture process, you will been an immediate denture, which is an interim treatment placed on the same day that the teeth are removed for the implant denture process. Immediate dentures are added cost (of approximately $1,000) to the already expensive implant denture treatment. If you decide to start the Implant Denture on the day of consultation at the M Dental Group, we are making it more affordable for you by offering this valuable opportunity of immediate denture voucher.
This voucher is for one-time usage only during the implant denture treatment process. If the patient decides to cancel the treatment, the voucher will be voided, and the patient may be responsible for incurred cost.


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