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Every tooth is as important as the next. If you are missing a tooth, even in the back of your mouth where it may not be visible, it can affect the rest of your dentition. A large gap among your teeth can cause shifting of your other teeth and completely change your bite alignment. What’s more, missing teeth can cause your other facial features to collapse, leading to premature aging. Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. Dental implants also help preserve natural bone by stimulating bone growth.

Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant procedure is a metal or ceramic device that is inserted into the bone where the root of a missing tooth once resided. You could think of implant as a replacement tooth roots. Implants provide strong foundation for replacement teeth. After its placement, replacement tooth (artificial tooth) is attached to it, allowing for normal function. The artificial tooth is made to match your natural teeth, and can be permanent or removable to the implant. In terms of restoration, implants come closest to resembling your own natural teeth. On top of the dental implants being an extremely esthetically pleasing solution, dental implants are also the only dental restoration option that preserves natural bone, actually helping to stimulate bone growth.

Is Implant Right for Me?

Whether an implant is right for you depends on the placement of the implant, the amount of bone available below the missing tooth, the spacing between adjacent teeth and the design of the restoration that will be placed on the implant. If you are a candidate for dentures or have multiple missing teeth, you may benefit from tooth implant treatment. Our dentists will determine whether the amount of bone available in the jaw will support an implant. Implants can be an exceptional source of anchorage for patients with loose dentures.

Different Types of Implants Treatments

  • Single Implant

When a tooth is missing or when both the tooth and root are damaged, a dental implant with a crown is an excellent treatment for replacing it. The treatment solution provides natural looking and functioning artificial tooth, and also helps prevent bone loss that typically happens after tooth loss.

  • Implant Bridge

When several neighboring teeth are missing, dental bridge can be supported by implants. The treatment does not require reshaping or capping adjacent tooth. At M Dental Group, you will be recommended different type of bridge based on individual oral conditions and lifestyle.

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  • Implant Dentures (Implants Overdenture Upper Procedure)

When all the teeth in an arch are missing, an excellent treatment for replacing them is a denture secured with implants. Depending on your situation, the denture may snap onto the implants in your jaw, or it may clip to a bar that’s attached to the implants.

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  • Mini Implants

If you have loose, uncomfortable dentures, stabilizing them with mini-implants can be an excellent solution. The dentures are held securely in place by narrow implants that have been placed in the jaw. Like the name ‘mini’, the size is what differentiates a standard implant to a mini one. Also, the mini implant is a 2-piece structure while the standard implant is a 3-piece structure.

Implant Augmentation Procedure

When your jawbone has receded or lost its shape, we can often augment it to replace missing bone and help new bone to grow. Depending on where bone loss has occurred, we’ll select the appropriate procedure, which can include sinus grafts, bone grafts, and ridge preservation.

  • Sinus Grafting

If you have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, you probably have significant bone loss. That’s because when you lose a tooth, the jaw becomes smaller where the tooth was. Sinus graft is a conservative approach to grafting bone in the floor of the sinus to create a dome of additional bone, creating the space to secure one or more implants.

  • Bone Grafting

Bone grafting procedure uses donated bone from either a tissue bank or your own body and a special membrane for augmentation. After implanting the bone, the jaw is then left to heal. Bone grafting may be needed if your jaw bone has deteriorated after missing a tooth, experienced infection that cased bone defect, or if you need implant for the front teeth (where teeth sockets are often very think).

  • Ridge Augmentation (Dental Socket Preservation)

Ridge Augmentation is a procedure where bone grafting is used for ridge preservation. It is typically called as ridge preservation. Small unprotected ridge or socket many be left behind when you lose your tooth. This ridge or socket becomes sensitive and also loses bone structure in missing tooth area.  Ridge augmentation is a procedure providing protection for the ridge or socket. Grafting material vary from synthetic materials to animal parts.

Implant Consultation at M Dental Group

Make M Dental Group your final stop when looking for an implant dentist in Orange County. Our professional dentists have performed many implant procedures for patients with missing teeth and patients with dentures. M Dental Group has outstanding technology that sets it apart from other implant dentists in the area. We have the latest ORTHOPHOS XG 3D X-Ray machine which uses minimum radiation and improves implant placement planning through greater diagnostic accuracy.


ORTHOPHOS XG 3D X-ray machine

Our ORTHOPHOS XG 3D X-ray machine is a hi-tech digital x-ray machine, which is extremely quick and uses less radiation. The machine can take panoramic x-ray to 3D scanning, allowing our staff to make precise anatomical measurements and in-depth diagnostics. Each locations (M Dental Group practices in Anaheim and in Fullerton) are equipped with X-ray technology, which makes the procedure healthier and easier for the patients.
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