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M Dental Group is an Invisalign premier provider. A premiere provider is experienced in providing Invisalign treatments. A premiere provider also stays current with Invisalign technology advancements, treatment benefits and limitations.


Invisalign© uses custom-made removable series of aligners to straighten your teeth. The aligners are removable, virtually invisible, and smooth (without brackets and wires).
The journey starts with taking X-rays, photographs, and iTero scan or impressions during the initial consultation. The consultation includes evaluation and determining whether which treatment option – Invisalign or traditional braces – will benefit you.
Once you have decided the Invisalign treatment, your dentist will generate treatment plan. The treatment plan will be communicated with the Invisalign, and your custom aligners will be manufactured once the dentist has okayed the plan.
Aligners will be delivered to you through our dentists.
When wearing the aligners, your teeth will gradually shift into place based on the movements planned. The total duration of the treatment depends on your case. Generally, you will move on to the next tray set approximately every two weeks, until the treatment is complete.
When the treatment has come to near completion, you will be asked about *retainers.

*Retainers: Retainers are appliance needed after completing an orthodontic treatment. Typically, it is not included in the Invisalign program or Braces program, and is a separate cost. Retainers are necessary to wear after any kind of teeth straightening. They keep your teeth in their new position. Read more about retainers.

Benefits of Invisalign

When choosing options to orthodontic treatment, common reasons patients choose invisalign treatment includes:
Invisalign aligners (also called trays) are not affixed to your teeth and they can easily be removed for eating. Patients can continue to enjoy all the foods they love.
Brushing and flossing is easier with Invisalign than with traditional braces because the aligners are removable
Invisalign do not have brackets and wires. The surface of Invisalign trays is smooth. This provides improved comfort for patients as there is no rubbing causing soft tissue irritation.
The aligners are near invisible when worn. According to Invisalign, patients are more likely to have a boost in self-esteem with Invisalign than with Braces during the treatment.

Treatment Options

Invisalign clear aligners can be effective in treating minor teeth straightening issues.

Invisalign celar aligners can also be successful in treating moderate and severe conditions of crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, deep bite, and/or open bite.

  • Crowding: Note enough room for teeth
  • Space: gaps between the teeth
  • Overbite: protruding upper teeth
  • Underbite: protruding lower teeth
  • Deep bite: upper front teeth hiding the lower teeth
  • Open bite: vertical spacing between the front teeth

Invisalign Testimonial From Teens Who Say Aligners Are Easy To Wear | Invisalign

“A 13 and 15-year-old discuss the benefits of Invisalign® treatment. The daughter is a cheerleader and loves that there is no risk for mouth injuries like with metal braces. And the son loves that he can eat whatever he wants. The teens are responsible enough to wear their aligners as directed — because they actually want to make their teeth straighter”. (source: Invisalign Youtube)


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