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Lingual Braces



Orthodontic treatment is successful at any age, and it is our goal to help patients of all ages to have beautiful and healthy smiles. Increasing numbers of people are now getting braces as adults so that they can also enjoy the benefits of orthodontic dentistry treatment.
It is exciting time in Orthodontic treatment as there are different types and options to braces, from [clear braces with small and comfortable brackets] to [translucent aligners which don’t require any brackets and wires].

Lingual Braces (Secret Braces TM / Tiggle braces)

Lingual Braces (Secret Braces TM), also known as Tiggle braces, places metal braces on the back of the teeth. Most patients choose Lingual Braces because they are near invisible than traditional braces because they are on the back of the teeth. To be able to get a Lingual Braces, the patient must have teeth long enough to provide sufficient room to attach on the inside of the teeth. This is most Lingual Braces patients are adults (as children’s teeth are often too small for Lingual Braces brackets). Also, Lingual Braces may not be the best option for patients with excessive bite. For example, patients with deep overbite might run into trouble with brackets falling off more frequently. At M Dental’s initial orthodontic consultation, you will be given options to type of braces that will be more effective for you based on your oral conditions and lifestyle.

Secret Braces TM

Secret Braces TM is a lingual braces, unique to M Dental Group with trade mark. No one is aware you have braces during the treatment because braces are fitted to the inner surface of the teeth (the tongue side), and therefore virtually invisible compared to most brace types. Compared to similar devices, M Dental Group’s Secret Braces TM treatment uses high performance device with minimum profile brackets, further improving secrecy and comfort during the orthodontic treatment.


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