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How Sugar Affects Teeth

The ADA recommends drinking water or unsweetened tea as sugar-sweetened beverages can add sugars in typical diet and/or can lead to higher risk of cavities
Sugar converts to acid that eats away protective coating on the teeth, making it more vulnerable to cavities. Kids and teens are more susceptible to tooth decay as their enamel is not fully developed and less resistant to the acid.
While people know that candy, cookies, and other sweets have large amount of sugar in them; remember that drinks may be culprit for unnecessary sugars too. Diet Sodas are also high in acid, although they don’t have sugars like regular sodas.
Many physicians recommend regularly drinking very warm water as it is beneficial to our bodies. If plain warm water doesn’t suite your taste buds, try adding flavor with tea recipe. Just remember, keep it unsweetened 😉


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