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Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom teeth removal is often necessary to preserve the health of your other teeth. Dentists can predict problems with your wisdom teeth through X-rays and scans, meaning your dentist may recommend an extraction before you have any pain.
Wisdom teeth may not need to be removed as long as they’re healthy, erupt in functional position and upright angle, can be taken of proper hygiene practices, and aren’t associated with decay or gum disease.
However, Wisdom teeth often don’t have room to grow properly and end up creating problems. Some serious problems that could be caused by wisdom tooth is jaw impact, partial emergence causing bacterial growth leading to gum disease or infection, crowd or damage nearby teeth, and cavities.
If you postponed your wisdom tooth removal, you should see your dentist regularly and be sure to keep up with oral hygiene. You should see a dentist when you have any of: pain, repeated infection behind the last tooth, gum disease and /or extensive tooth decay.


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